Partner with RedPort

 At RedPort, we collaborate with our clients to develop and implement relevant, scalable, and executable strategies. Our advisors are experts at helping companies adopt and cultivate market-winning practices to create exceptional results. From our work with large and mid-sized financial institutions, we’ve identified three key areas of expertise that are critical to long-term success: Customer-centricity … Continue reading Partner with RedPort

Forbes 2017 Predictions

As we welcome in 2017, goals and predictions for the year to come are published in every aspect of our lives. While food, fashion and travel predictions can be fickle - Forbes put their attention to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Cyber-security. As RedPort clients harness the power of their data to … Continue reading Forbes 2017 Predictions

Analytics: Strategy or Tactic?

You can hardly go anywhere or read anything anymore without hearing or seeing something about Big Data. People who aren’t in banking, insurance retail, or consumer marketing could be forgiven for thinking Big Data is like the second coming of Godzilla or something: “Big Data. It’s Everywhere!” But while high-consumer-based merchandisers have been building their … Continue reading Analytics: Strategy or Tactic?

The FI of the Future

For over 15 years, RedPort has been working with financial institutions in the US, Latin America and Europe to understand and define what “the Financial Institution of the Future” will look like. While many models may emerge, we believe they will all incorporate significant elements of the following 6 attributes: They will be customer-centric, assembling … Continue reading The FI of the Future

Evolution of Marketing Campaigns

The most significant change agent in marketing has been analytics – pre and post evaluations and following lead generation through the sales pipeline. Marketing intuition results pale in comparison to systematic learning and the incorporation of consumer behavior insights such as preferred communication channel and life stage. Successful lead generation, regardless of industry, requires catching … Continue reading Evolution of Marketing Campaigns