The most significant change agent in marketing has been analytics – pre and post evaluations and following lead generation through the sales pipeline. Marketing intuition results pale in comparison to systematic learning and the incorporation of consumer behavior insights such as preferred communication channel and life stage.

Successful lead generation, regardless of industry, requires catching a consumer at the right time, in the right place with the right message.

Trigger based marketing is a departure from traditional, mass reach marketing, and creates campaigns tailored to specific triggers – or actions – of targeted consumers. The messaging, offer and price is customized to the predefined segment. Post campaign analysis and systematic learning enables definitions and assumptions to be continually updates and improved.

  • Contextual marketing uses triggers such as consumers’ recent internet search history to determine which specific message will be most relevant and impactful in their current situation. For example, a consumer searching Google for house buying tips, or a post on Instagram with a #newcar tag indicate the relevance of an offer on mortgages or car insurance.


  • Geo-fencing uses geographic triggers, such as a Facebook location check-in and mobile app’s location history, to provide relevant offers


  • Custom Triggers enable the use of accessible data and understanding of target customers to define triggers for specific marketing communications and offers.


The crucial element to “smart” marketing and leveraging these tactics is data and it’s analysis. A deep understanding of your data capabilities and strong hypothesis for target consumers, messaging and channel provide a start point to be proven right or wrong. Without post evaluations, and the ability to follow leads through the sales process – it’s impossible to determine effectiveness.

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