At RedPort, we collaborate with our clients to develop and implement relevant, scalable, and executable strategies. Our advisors are experts at helping companies adopt and cultivate market-winning practices to create exceptional results.

From our work with large and mid-sized financial institutions, we’ve identified three key areas of expertise that are critical to long-term success:


  • Ensuring your business is focused on the right customers and that your sales, marketing, and product management practices are aligned to effectively meet customer needs

Analytical proficiency

  • Having the expertise and the infrastructure to create the right metrics, measure results, and mine your data to glean the insights to continually improve performance

Strategic Alignment

  • Creating an operating model that profitably, compliantly, and prudently executes your business strategy and meaningfully fulfills your value proposition

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, RedPort Applied Analytics, Inc., RedPort retains expert level capabilities to help banks, insurers and credit unions become data-driven in managing their businesses.

RedPort’s platforms, Smart Banker and Smart Insurer, were developed with and for financial institutions to be quickly implemented, to make it easy to extract key insights from your terabytes of data, and to enable you act on those insights and automatically learn from the results — integrating AI/Machine learning models, OLAP analytics, dashboards and campaign management tools into comprehensive analytics cores.

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